$PAC Masternode App

The Information you want at the palm of your hand


The $PAC Masternode App provides an easy way to view the most relevant information regarding your masternodes. You can keep track of each masternodes status, rank, ip address and even add your own alias to each one.

Even if you're not a masternode holder you can still keep track of any given masternode. The information in the blockchain is available for anyone to see.

A proposal has been issued to the $PAC network. Proposals allow the $PAC community to vote on community projects in order to sponsor projects they believe will benefit the $PAC community.

How can I vote?

If you’re a masternode holder, voting is easy. Just open the debug console in your wallet and paste the following command:

details of the proposal coming soon

What if you're not a masternode holder? Don't worry, if you like the project you can show your support by encouraging the Masternode holders to vote on your behalf.

Where do the funds come from?

The funds for the $PAC Masternode App, if funded, will come from the 20% community project budget built into $PAC. No individual is paying for the $PAC Masternode App instead, the $PAC network will fund itself as a community project if the 10% funding mark is reached.

2,000,000 $PAC would be required in order to cover development, maintenance, and expansion of the MobileMasternode for iOS and Android.

Main Features


Keep your masternode information safe from prying eyes with passcode protection.

Easy to use

Keeping track of your masternodes is easy, just search the available masternodes and choose the ones you wish to add to your list.


You can view the most relevant information of each masternode in your list such as status, IP address, rank and more.


Long IDs and IP addresses can be hard to remember, add an alias to each masternode.



Working Hours


Android and iOS support


Peoples Love


Requested $PAC


Choose your OS.


11 or above


Marshmallow 6.0 or above